Hello! My name is Erica DeShawn, or known by my online name SereneDeShawn. I decided to create a blog to share my ongoing yoga journey. I'm fairly new at this craft, but I wanted to start from the beginning to actually show that it is in fact, a process. My goal is to break the idea that some people are just born flexible or good at certain things. Most yoga blogs I've seen just show things they can do now. What you all don't see is that they've also had up to years of prior experience. I want to share with you all my complete journey; my challenges and victories. I hope you all can take positive things away from my experience and learn that with patience comes greatness. SN: Also I'm also very passionate about rap music. Please don't take offense to any of the lyrics of the songs posted along with my videos. Namaste (:
contact me : erica.deshawn@gmail.com